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Vision วิสัยทัศน์

To commit in operating a rapid growing clean energy business for the good of country’s community, society and environment.

Missions พันธกิจ

• To develop technology for renewable energy to increase efficiency and production capacity by investing in related businesses both domestic and international
• To generate more and continuous revenue
• To satisfy the needs and to create highest satisfaction amongst customers according to the agreement
• To generate fair returns on investment to shareholders and employees under good governance
• To build good relationship between business partners, governments, state enterprises; include conducting business with integrity and honor in order to build confidence in business operations in the long run
• To take good care of the environment and community through effective energy management and minimizing any possible impacts
• To effectively manage human resources, recruiting qualified personnel as well as developing potentials and learning skills to continually obtain new technology

QUALITY POLICY นโยบายคุณภาพ

BG Energy Solution Company Limited and BG ENSYS Company Limited commits to be leader of power production from solar energy business. We commit to conform customer and other application requirements. We also commit to continual improve our quality management system.


Mr. Palit Bhirom Bhakdi คุณพลิษศร์ ภิรมย์ภักดี

Chairman of the Board of Directors ประธานกรรมการ
MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN สารจากประธานกรรมการ

Energy has always been on high demand in Thailand; thus, it is essential to seek additional renewable energy from other sources. Coupled with the policy of Bangkok Glass Group that emphasizes the efficient use of natural resources for maximum benefit; BG Energy Solution Company Limited (BGE) has therefore established.

BGE aims to operate a variety of renewable energy businesses, in conjunction with the smart use of efficient technologies and innovations for stability and security in energy so that Thais have more alternative choices of energy for their living.

I strongly believe that mutual growth plays a key role in driving business success, as a result, BGE is committed to conducting its businesses based on ethics and good corporate governance principles to create a balance between economy, society, and environment, in order to achieve its goal on sustainable development.

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